About StemCure

Founded by scientists, StemCure Inc. remains on the forefront of somatic (body) stem cell research and technology. Our state-of-the-art facility is licensed by the NY State Department of Health to complete tissue isolation and cryopreservation. We are also FDA registered, which ensures compliance with the most stringent regulations for processing and storing of our clients’ tissue samples. StemCure has made every effort to guarantee the safety and security of our clients’ cryopreserved tissue samples. All specimens are protected 24/7 in a secure cryostorage facility with multi-layered temperature monitoring and manifold emergency power sources.

Head of Departments

Melvin Silberklang

Tissue Bank Director, Ph.D.

Jason Halper

Medical Director, MD

David Mordechaev

CEO, Biologist, MS.

Svetlana Mordechaev

QA Management, MS

Gabriel Foong

QA Development

Ravshan Burikhanov

Cell Biologist, Ph.D.

Madina Shakirzyanova

Microbiology, Ph.D.

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164 20th Street, Suite 2D Brooklyn, NY 11232


Our Mission

Our mission is to take advantage of advances in science to improve our future length and quality of life.
StemCure is dedicated to translating cutting‐edge research into lifesaving, consumer products, and to providing ongoing, consumer education on the value of cell and DNA cryopreservation (tissue sample). StemCure gives families greater access to future medical treatment options by offering personal cell archiving (cryopreservation) that may offer them the best access to emerging regenerative and anti-aging medical therapies in the future.

Our Values

Quality – We are committed to providing the highest quality processes, materials and services to our valued clients and their families. As an industry leader (we are currently the only company in this field providing such personal tissue banking services), we continue to monitor advancements in the field of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine and, in response to new developments, to adapt quickly and responsibly to emerging best practices.
Excellence in Customer Care – We are dedicated to providing personal and genuine care by treating each of our clients with courtesy, respect, dignity and honesty . We appreciate the confidence our clients have placed in StemCure, and strive to exceed their every expectation.
Integrity – As a partner in the future healthcare of our clients and their families, StemCure promises to uphold the highest ethical standards of practice, with an enduring pledge of resolute honesty, corporate and personal accountability and open communication, while guaranteeing the strict privacy of personal information. Our medical data storage is HIPAA compliant.
Value – StemCure is committed to providing our clients with the industry’s highest standard of cryopreservation technology and services at an affordable cost. We will never compromise on the quality of the services we provide, and we will make every effort to guarantee the lowest price possible.
Education– StemCure provides unbiased community education to increase public awareness about our unique Tissue Banking Program and helps consumers make informed choices for their future.