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Our Program

StemCure’s program is based on the idea of Personal Tissue Banking. Our mission is the cryo-preservation of our clients’ tissue samples and encompassed genetic material (DNA) at their current age, which they may then draw upon for medical purposes as they grow older. It has been scientifically shown that our cells change as they age, becoming less metabolically active and gradually accumulating minor genetic mutations. This phenomenon has complicated the search for regenerative medical therapies, because the patient population seeking such treatments tends to be older and their cells tend to be less responsive. For example, the level of regenerative keratinocyte stem cells in the outer epidermal layer of our skin, or blood (hematopoietic) stem cells in our bone marrow declines gradually with age. Everyone has probably noticed how easily minor cuts and bruises heal in young children compared to older adults. Similarly, the accumulation of deleterious genetic (DNA) mutations that may eventually lead to medical problems, including cancer, increases as we age.

StemCure’s mission is to cryopreserve (deep freeze) biopsy tissue taken at our clients’ current age, so that our clients may use it as a resource in the future as new medical advances find therapeutic uses for these cells or for the DNA they contain. It has recently been reported that ordinary cells can now be converted in the laboratory to stem cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) with great regenerative potential.

While not yet ready for human applications, StemCure is confident that such procedures will become more common in the future, and that our clients will have access to the best possible form of their own cells, the cells of their younger years, to take advantage of such anticipated medical advances. Presently, we accept skin biopsy samples from newborns (circumcision tissue is suitable) through age 70, as supported by our current laboratory data.

We are committed to helping our clients take advantage of future scientific breakthroughs and developments in regenerative medicine by safely and conveniently cryopreserving (deep freezing) suitable samples of their own tissue, harvested at their current age.

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Personal Tissue Banking

The objective of the first step of our program, for which we are currently licensed – Personal Tissue Banking – is the cryopreservation of a small sample of our clients’ skin tissue. To accomplish this, we will use a small, simple and painless skin biopsy procedure. This tissue sample will be tested and subsequently deep-frozen in a liquid nitrogen freezer, maintained at a temperature of approximately –170º C. Our cryopreservation process assures that the current biological age and vitality of your tissue sample will remain stable and preserved for many years to come. This tissue sample also contains your current genetic (DNA) profile, before further aging takes its toll… For more details, see our web page: Personal Tissue Banking

Cell Therapy

The clinical applications of medically infused or implanted autologous (your own) cells are opening new opportunities for innovation in regenerative medicine. From cosmetic cell therapy procedures to stem cell therapies, the application of personal cell interventions has become one of the fastest growing fields of medical research today. Although StemCure is not a medical provider and does not participate directly in any medical therapies, our Personal Tissue Banking system will provide our clients with archival samples of their own cells that may be drawn upon in the future to take advantage of new medical innovations as they become available.
We believe that as the years pass, people today will not only be differentiated by their socioeconomic status or their political, religious or philosophical principles, but also by whether they opted to preserve their tissue when they were still relatively young and thereby gave themselves a reservoir of potential opportunity to improve their health in their later years.

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