The biopsy procedure can be performed only between Monday and Thursday because the tissue samples must reach our labs no later than Friday via overnight delivery.

We cannot process the tissue samples without Blood Test Results and the completed and signed Agreement Forms. Both documents have to be enclosed in the same box with each tissue specimen.
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    From Tissue Banking Program Page:

    Find a doctor: You will arrange an appointment for the biopsy procedure with a doctor of your choosing (without direct participation from StemCure). This can be your personal physician or even your dentist. The practitioner must review StemCure’s instructional materials: a written detailed explanation of how to perform a tissue sample swab for biopsy collection and a training video hosted on our website. Prior to the biopsy procedure, you must take a blood test for common infectious diseases which are indicated in: Tissue Sample Kit Instructions for Medical Personnel. (See our web page: Agreements & Forms)

    When you assign a day for the biopsy procedure with your doctor, specify the date on our Appointment Calendar by simply listing the names of the participants, for example: John Smith, Sarah Smith, etc. It will help us avoid mishaps and will better prepare our lab for receiving and processing your tissue sample.