Affordable StemCure Tissue Banking – Plans & Pricing.

First year costs for the StemCure Tissue Banking Program include:

1. Enrollment Fee
2. Tissue Processing Fee
3. Annual Storage for the First Year

A fee in the amount of $750 per person is payable upon your enrollment. This amount is nonrefundable and includes a registration fee, tissue sample kit, medical provider reimbursement, shipping costs and tissue sample sterility test.

The remaining balance, tissue processing fee and first year storage cost, is due after the successful transportation of your tissue samples as well as the processing and storage of these has been completed. This amount includes your processing fee and first year storage fee, and will vary depending on the number of family members that join our program and the payment plan you choose from the list above. Please note that we offer valuable savings for every additional family member that joins the program. In addition, you can enjoy further savings by paying all Tissue Processing fees in full upon successful processing and storage initiation.

The following table lists all fees and available discounts for family enrollment.

Payment Plan for Each Family Member

Family Member Enrollment Fee Processing fee
One-Time Payment 6-Month Payment Plan
Single Member $750 $2,000 $370 per month / $2,220 in total
Second Family Member $750 $1,800 $330 per month / $1,980 in total
Third Family Member $750 $1,600 $290 per month / $1,740 in total
Fourth or More Family Members $750 $1,400 $250 per month / $1,500 in total
The Storage Fee for the second and subsequent years will be charged to your credit card in the amount of $300.00 per person. It will be due one month prior to the anniversary of your contract agreement and for as long as the tissue samples remain in storage. Annual Storage Fees are guaranteed not to increase from the amount stated in the original contract.

If for any reason your tissue samples do not reach our company headquarters and/or we are unable to process and store your tissue samples according to our strict quality control standards, you may go through a second tissue donation procedure at no additional charge. The Tissue Processing fee will not be billed until all steps have been completed.

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Benefactors and benefits.

Potential free enrollment for StemCure’s Tissue Banking program.

We welcome both benefactors who want to support StemCure with their investments and people who can benefit from their contributions.

For Investors: If you are an investor and want to help people participate in StemCure’s Tissue Banking Program, simply contact us – please call, write an email or leave a message below and we will contact you immediately.




    Free Enrollment.

    For Free Enrollment: If you cannot afford StemCure’s Tissue Banking fees at this time and are interested in participating in our program, please fill out the form below. As soon as StemCure receives enough donations, we will cover the expenses of those who filled out the contact information below, based on a first come/first serve basis. Please be aware that waiting may take a while, but every day you are losing precious time. Remember, the sooner you preserve your tissue, the younger you are, the higher the chance for success!