By DAVID PRENTICE. Research Director, Charlotte Lozier Institute, Daily Caller-Aug 22, 2016.

Stem cell therapies and their lifesaving results are arguably the best kept medical secret. Stem cells are currently being used in several thousand FDA-approved clinical trials, are treating tens of thousands of patients every year, and cumulatively over 1.5 million people have been treated to date. Yet these numbers, and the lifesaving results from stem cells for dozens of conditions, are unknown to most. Why the information blackout? Perhaps for lack of an adjective.
You see, those heartening numbers are all due to adult stem cells. Long ignored by the media and disparaged even by many in the scientific community, adult stem cells – those not dependent on the destruction of embryos – are the true gold standard for stem cells, especially when it comes to treating patients.
A recent New York Times piece provides a perfect example of the disinformation campaign. Early on, the author discusses the theoretical nature of stem cell treatments and bemoans the fact that “progress is slow,” almost all the research “is still in mice or petri dishes,” and “The very few clinical trials that have begun are still in the earliest phase.”
Whether through ignorance or bias, the sole focus is clearly on embryonic stem cells. Such writing, however, serves to confuse, not illuminate, the facts about stem cells and therapies.

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